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The Institute of Digital Sovereignty (ISN) and Afnic publish the Internet of Things & Digital Sovereignty report

Internet of Things & Digital Sovereignty report

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The Institute of Digital Sovereignty (ISN) and Afnic publish the Internet of Things & Digital Sovereignty report which analyzes the industrial and regulatory issues related to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in France and the European Union. 

This report is published in French and English and is aimed at French and European technology players as well as public decision-makers. It will be of more general interest to citizens who wish to learn about the economic, social and political transformations linked to the IoT. This report outlines the industrial outlook for these technologies in areas as diverse as health, transport, energy management, environmental control, banking and insurance. It discusses new forms of regulation that could apply to these technologies. It also analyzes their impact on the functioning of our organizations, our administrations and more broadly our societies. Finally, this report puts forward proposals on industrial policies which will enable European IoT players to develop new generations of services which will respect the democratic principles and values ​​of European societies.

As Bernard Benhamou, Secretary-General of the Institute of Digital Sovereignty and coordinator of this report, points out:

“Developing a European 'third way' for the Internet of Things is a strategic opportunity for our technology industries as well as an imperative in terms of digital sovereignty. Regaining control of its technological destiny could indeed constitute for Europe one of the most important political and industrial challenges of the coming decade ... ".

And Pierre Bonis, Chief executive of Afnic, adds:

"The Internet of Things, through its ubiquitous deployment, invites us to think now about the conditions for the development of these technologies, and also about European autonomy in this strategic area. Afnic has thus been engaged for several years in R&D projects dedicated to the Internet of Things. Afnic is also active in developing standards that support responsible innovation in the Internet of Things field. "